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Definition and Classification

OCD falls under the broad category of anxiety disorders, which encompasses conditions such as panic disorder, social phobia, and posttraumatic stress disorder (DSM-IV).
The patients have recurrent flow of thoughts, they know thoughts are absurd and try to resist but they fail. The condition is charcterised by :

a)Anxious preoccupation with some obscessive idea. The patient may ask himself over and over again some religious or metaphysical questions, e.g. "what was the begining of everything?" Some are disturbed by the reiteration of certain words or phrases in their mind.
(b) Morbid compulsions: fears associated with the obscessive ideas e.g, a fear of dirt and contamination may necessiate constant washing and scrubbing of the skin to ensure cleanliness. Patients may feel compelled to touch objects,to do things in a certain order,to steal something intrinisically worthless,(kleptomania),to commit homicidal acts or sexual assaults, to take alcohol (dipsomania) or drugs..

Some common obsessions :

* Fear of dirt or germs
* Disgust with bodily waste or fluids
* Concern with order, symmetry (balance) and exactness
* Worry that a task has been done poorly, even when the person knows this is not true
* Fear of thinking evil or sinful thoughts
* Thinking about certain sounds, images, words or numbers all the time
* Need for constant reassurance
* Fear of harming a family member or friend
Compulsions are repetitive behaviors (rituals) or mental acts that reduce the anxiety that accompanies an obsession. The person feels driven to perform them in response to their obsession, or according to rules that must be rigidly applied.
Some common compulsions include:
* Cleaning and grooming, such as washing hands, showering or brushing teeth over and over again
* Checking drawers, door locks and appliances to be sure they are shut, locked or turned off
* Repeating, such as going in and out of a door, sitting down and getting up from a chair, or touching certain objects several times
* Ordering and arranging items in certain ways
* Counting over and over to a certain number
* Saving newspapers, mail or containers when they are no longer needed

These obsessions or compulsions cause marked distress, are time consuming (>1 hour a day), or significantly interfere with the person's normal routine, occupation (or academic) functioning, or usual social activities or relationships.


There is no single, proven cause of OCD.

1-There are no of factors responsible for OCD, like genectics,personality development, and how a person reacts to the environment around them.

2 -It affects men and women equally and knows no geographic, ethnic, or economic boundaries.

3-Typically, OCD begins in adolescence to young adult life, but at least a third of cases of adult OCD start in childhood.But they are rarely to be taken seriously then.

4- Interestingly, about 20-30% of OCD patients report a past history of tics.


OCD was once thought to be untreatable, but today's medicine can help most individuals achieve meaningful long-term symptom relief. Some individuals have even reported being cured of OCD. Individuals whose symptoms persist, make no sense, cause much distress, or interfere with functioning, need to seek clinical help. Once the diagnosis is made, appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Here I am dealing with homeopathic treatment It is important to remember that in treating OCD, as in any condition, not to overly focus on the common symptoms of the disorder, but to focus on what is individuating in the case," . "This means that the homeopath must be aware of the common symptoms of OCD." He should not to be discouraged with the pace of healing. The cure is often slow in OCD and the possibility of a cure may take as long as a year.

The main rubrics under obscession are taken from 'complete repertory'. The grading of symptoms is given according to the most effective use in such condition.

Busy:Tying shoes, fumbling in pockets, picking threads etc,:
Total Drugs :1

2 Kali-bi :Kali bichromicum

Compulsive disorders:
Total Drugs :22

3 Nux-v :Nux vomica
2 Ars :Arsenicum album
1 Anh :Anhalonium lewinii
1 Arg-n :Argentum nitircum
1 Calc :Calcarea carbonica Hahnemanii
1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
1 Caust :Causticum Hahnemanii
1 Con :Conium maculatum
1 Cupr :Cuprum metallicum
1 Foll :Folliculinum
1 Iod :Iodium
1 Kali-c :Kali carbonicum
1 Lyss :Lyssinum; Hydrophobinum
1 Manc :Mancinella venenata
1 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
1 Nat-m :Natrum muriaticum
1 Pin-s :Pinus sylvestris; Pine (Bach flower)
1 Rat :Ratanhia peruviana
1 Rhus-t :Rhus toxicodendron
1 Sulph :Sulphur
1 Syph :Syphilinum
1 Tub :Tuberculinum bovinum kent

Total Drugs :6

1 Arg-n :Argentum nitircum
1 Cand-a :Candida albicans
1 Hyos :Hyoscyamus niger
1 Phys :Physostigma venenosa
1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
1 Verat :Veratrum album

Total Drugs :1

1 Sulph :Sulphur

Counting:Continually:Things in the room:
Total Drugs :1

1 Phys :Physostigma venenosa

Fills pockets with anything:
Total Drugs :1

1 Stram :Stramonium

Gestures, makes:Actions, repeated:
Total Drugs :1

1 Chen-a :Chenopodium anthelminticus

New:Do anything, cannot:
Total Drugs :1

1 Agar :Agaricus muscarius; Amanita muscaria

Break things, desire to:Pins:
Total Drugs :1

3 Bell :Belladonna

Repeats same things:
Total Drugs :5

1 Chen-a :Chenopodium anthelminticus
1 Germ :Germanium metallicum
1 Lach :Lachesis
1 Plat :Platinum metallicum
1 Zinc :Zincum metallicum

Rest:Cannot, when things are not in proper place:
Total Drugs :5

2 Ars :Arsenicum album
1 Anac :Anacardiun orientale
1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
1 Sep :Sepia succus
1 Sulph :Sulphur

Washing:Cleanness, mania for
Total Drugs :4
1 Ars :Arsenicum album
1 Sep :Sepia succus
1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
1 Sulph :Sulphur

Religious affections:Mania:Praying all the time:
Total Drugs :1
2 Aur :Aurum metallicum

Washing:Always:Underwear, her
Total Drugs :1

1 Syph :Syphilinum

Washing:Always:Hands, her:
Total Drugs :14

2 Lac-c :Lac caninum
2 Med :Medorrhinum
2 Nat-m :Natrum muriaticum
2 Sulph :Sulphur
1 Ars :Arsenicum album
1 Coca :Coca
1 Cur :Curare woorari
1 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
1 Plat :Platinum metallicum
1 Psor :Psorinum
1 Sep :Sepia succus
1 Sil :Silicea; Silica terra
1 Syph :Syphilinum
1 Thuj :Thuja occidentalis

Washing:Always:Face, her:
Total Drugs :1

1 Puls :Pulsatilla nigricans; Anemone pratensis

Washing:Bathing, mania for:
Total Drugs :1

1 Zea-i :Zea italica

Touch things, impelled to:
Total Drugs :10

2 Merc :Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
2 Thuj :Thuja occidentalis
1 Bell :Belladonna
1 Canth :Cantharis vesicatoria; Meloe vesicatorius
1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett
1 Cina :Cina Maritima; Artemisia maritima
1 Hyos :Hyoscyamus niger
1 Lycps :Lycopus virginicus
1 Sac-alb :Saccharum officinale
1 Sulph :Sulphur

Touch things, impelled to:Children, in:
Total Drugs :2

2 Cina :Cina Maritima; Artemisia maritima
1 Carc :Carcinosin Burnett

Thoughts (see fancies, ideas):Persistent:Hedgehogs,
(small spiny animal)
1 Choc

Thoughts Persistent:Homicide:
1 Calc
1 Iod
1 Op
1 Phos
1 Stram

Thoughts Repetition, of:
1 Lam
1 Mag mur
1 Stram

Talk, talking, talks :Sufferings, troubles, constantly of his
1 Arg n
1 Asaf
1 Zinc
1 Germ
1 Kreo
1 Lach
1 Lap-c-b

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