Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification



Detoxification has become a buzz word in the world of natural medicine, yet is often done haphazardly. The book "Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification", available from www.lulu.com, explains the different steps to go through for a proper result. Recommended to homeopaths, herbalists, naturopaths, traditional healers and enlightened medical doctors.

How does one get the best results from detoxifying the body? By following a logical step of repair of organs and functions first, optimizing their work, then only proceeding with the removal and disposal of harmful substances that are a threat to our health.
Natura Medica Ltd and Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD have written and published such a guide. Based on 20 years of clinical experience, and 3 years in the writing, it takes you through all the phases of organ repair, optimization of functions and removal of toxins.
Many different approaches are described and can be used separately or in combination: physical, nutritional, supplements, herbal, homeopathic, osteopathic, the major clinical approaches are described and explained, with scientific and historic references.
There is a slight emphasis towards homeopathy, but even if you do not use it or dismiss it, the other techniques are useable and well explained.
A welcome and needed addition to the library of health practitioners who want better, safer and faster results for their patients.
Available as "print on demand" from www.lulu.com

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WIKI 4 CAM - New Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia


To counter misinformation about Alternative Medicine at wikipedia, Hpathy.com, world’s leading homeopathy portal, has announced a parallel wiki project at www.wiki4cam.org


PRLog (Press Release)Aug 10, 2008 – Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been a target of attack through WIkipedia, world’s most popular online encyclopedia.  A handful of skeptical editors continue to spread misinformation about CAM therapies by constantly editing Wiki content.
To counter this misinformation, Hpathy.com, world’s leading homeopathy portal, has announced a parallel wiki project at www.wiki4cam.org , on 9th Aug. 2008.
According to Dr. Manish Bhatia, Director of Hpathy.com, nearly all CAM articles on Wikipedia are heavily biased against CAM therapies. Everything that does not fall into the realm of modern medicine has been labeled as pseudo-scientific or unscientific at Wiikipedia.
WIkipedia is among the top 10 websites globally. Through it millions of people who use internet to search for alternative medicine are being systematically exposed to anti-CAM data. At the time when the world is rushing towards alternative medicine, the effort to sabotage the alternative medicine cannot be ignored.
To counter this misinformation, the alternative medicine community needed a place where it can build its own knowledge base without the undue interference of skeptics. It needed a place where the CAM practitioners themselves write articles and create a true picture of its history, development, efficacy and positive research.
To ensure that the alternative medicines is not discredited or disputed unfairly and to create a true encyclopedia for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), Hpathy.com, world’s leading homeopathy portal, has announced a new parallel wiki project at www.wiki4cam.org
This new wiki will be open only to the practitioners of CAM therapies and will challenge all the skeptical views about CAM by building up an exhaustive database of information about Alternative Medicine

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV/AIDS among Homoeopathic Practitioners and Educators in India

courtesy : Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy Vol. 1, No. 1, 2007

Download : PDF (421.4 KB)

Adeline Nyamathi1, Vijay Pal Singh2, Ann Lowe1, Anil Khurana2, Divya Taneja2,
Sheba George3 and John L. Fahey4 1School of Nursing, University of California, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2Central Council for Research inHomoeopathy,  Delhi, India
3Research Centers in Minority Institutions, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine
and Science and 4UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California

This study is designed to assess AIDS knowledge among Homeopathy educators and
physicians in India, which has not been evaluated previously. India now has the largest number of HIV infected persons worldwide, with an estimated cumulative 5.1 million infections. Homeopathy is the dominant system among the nationally-recognized alternative or complementary systems of medicine, which collectively
provide health care to around 600 million people in India. Homeopathy,with its holistic and patient-centered approach, has a wide reach to people at risk of contracting human immuno deficiency virus (HIV). Participants were 68 homeopathy physicians (34 educators and 34 practitioners) who completed a CDC questionnaire
measuring HIV/AIDS Knowledge regarding AIDS. This study reports the current level of knowledge of, and attitudes about, HIV/AIDS among homeopathy educators and practitioners. These findings will assist in the development of an education module to equip homeopathic health care personnel to impart accurate AIDS information
and prevention counseling to their patients in an efficient manner.
KEYWORDS : Education – HIV/AIDS – Homeopathy – India

Friday, August 08, 2008

Global researches in homeopathy for Maternal & Child Care

Read this document on Scribd: global researches in homeopathy for Maternal

This paper was presented by Dr Hari Singh , Research Officer (CCRH)in a recently concluded State Workshop on "State Campaign on Homoeopathy for Mother & Child Care " in Lucknow on 17-18th March 2008. This paper is the compilation of homeopathic clinical trials conducted by various individuals & institutions globally.

Download : PDF