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Helpful Hints
Remedy Relationship Chart
Hot and Chilly remedies
Thirty and thirstless remedies


There are times when certain presenting symptoms lead us to think of a particular group of remedies. These presenting symptoms form a strong basis for prescription, of course by equating their generals and thermals with that of the patient.

a) Excessive thirst for cold water makes us think primarily of
Chilly: Aco, Eup. Perf., Phos., Calc. C., Verat. Alb.
Chilly and Angry: Cham, Nux-v, Coloc, Hepar-s.
Hot: Nat-mur, Bry, Sulph, Merc-sol, Tub.

b) No desire to drink at all: Puls, Apis Bry

c) Thirst for sips of water often:
Chilly: Ars, Ant-tart, Nat-ars, Coloc, China
Hot: Puls, Sulph.

d) Thirst for warm or hot drinks: Lyc, Casc, Eup-perf.
(Eup, perf has desire for ice cold drinks as well as warm drinks)

e) Nausea accompanying a fever - one should think of Nat-mur first. Other remedies in differential diagnosis are: Ipecac, Ars, Eup-perf, Phos, Bry, Sepia.

f) Excessive vomiting accompanying the chief complaints:
Verat-alb, Cocculus, cina, cham, lyc, Ars, Ferr.

g) Fever with headache at vertex: Graphites should be ruled out.

h) Patients removing covers for sometime and taking covers back again, alternately with perspiration, weakness and yet strong mental state is Camphor.

i) Children who insist on going to school or insist on studying and doing homework in high fever, which in normal condition they tend to neglect should get one of the GOOD BOY REMEDIES e.g. Aur iod, Aur met, Silicea, Ignatia, Staph or Lyc. (If generals and thermals correspond)

j) Children who are friendly with the doctor but become panicky and do not allow the doctor to touch or examine require (if generals, thermals and thirst correspond) - Aco, Thuja, Stram, Lyc, Ars, Ambr, Bar-c, Ip, Ant-tart, Arg-nit.

k) Points to note:
Some drugs can be both Thirsty and Thirstless. e.g. - Ars, Ant-tart, China, Puls, Apis, Bell, Sil.
Thirsty in Chronic and Thirstless during Acute illness: e.g. Cina, Kali-carb, Lachesis, Bryonia, Sulph, Tarent, Bell, Baryta-carb.
Thirstless in Chronic and Thirsty in Acute: Ipecac, Apis, Puls (for sips), Ant-tart (for sips), China.

l) When a patient does not like to be questioned about how are you feeling or what would you like to eat or drink? specially by his wife, or why you did not take your medicine today? Or if he is asked the same question twice and he expresses his irritation by a frown or not answering --- the remedies to be considered are
CHILLY: Nux-v, Ac-phos, Arn, Ars, Colo
HOT: Pulsatilla, Nat-mur

m) All Kalis and silicas -- Anxiety disappears during fever or illness (except Kali-carb -- Anxiety1)
Kali-ars along with other kalis (except Kali-carb) are ANXIOUS3 have anxiety of health, but Anxiety disappears during fever or illness.
LYCO3 has A. about health -- disappears during fever
NIT-AC.3 has A. about health -- disappears during fever
SILICEA3 has A. about health -- disappears during fever

Bar-C, Bar-S, have hardly any anxiety about health, but tremendous anxiety during fever.
Similarly Cina, Tub, Ipecac have no anxiety about health, but increased anxiety during illness or fever
Natrums -- less A. about health during both - so averse to consolation.
Arg-n -- Anxiety in general, but no anxiety of health and no anxiety of fever.
Silent Anxiety of health (Where patient is just looking steadily and indifferent with) is Sepia.

(a) Most CARBONS and CARBONATES are thirsty.
CARBONS: Carb-veg, Carbo-an, Carb-sulph, Carb-ac, Graph, Kreos, Petrol.
CARBONATES: Calc-carb, Kali-carb, Mag-carb, Nat-carb, Amm-carb

(b) Most POLYCHREST are thirsty: Sulph, Nat-mur, Phos, Ars, China, Op, Sil, Verat-alb, Stram, Secal-cor, Rhus-tox,

(c) Most angry drugs are thirsty - Nux-vom, Colo, hep-s, Cham, Aco

(d) Most BARYTAS are thirsty - Bar-c, Bar-m, Bar-Iod

(e) Most CALCAREAS are thirsty except Calc-p which can be thirstless also.

(f) Most MERCURIES are thirsty except Merc-cor and
Merc-i-r which can be thirstless also.

(g) Most KALIS are thirsty except Kali-c, kali-P which can be thirstless also.

(h) Most NATRUMS are thirsty

(i) Most MAGNESIUMS are thirsty but to a lesser degree than natrums.

(j) All SNAKES are thirsty

(k) Most SPIDERS are thirsty except Tarentula which can be thirstless

(l) Most METALS are THIRSTLESS except Cup-met, Plb

(m) Most ACIDS are THIRSTLESS but desires juices and refreshing things

(n) POLYCHREST which are THIRSTLESS are Lyc, Puls, Amm-mur, China, Gels, Sep, Apis, Ant-tart, Nux-mosh, Tarent, kali-c.

(o) Tarentula Kali-carb and China can be both.

Case 1 :

Date 18-2-97

Case of child 6 years old. Fever since 2 days. X-ray showed :- Right sided mid-zone pneumonic consolidation - on 18-2-97 Fever 103 degrees F; The child was quiet. Sleep was less. Wanted to open his books and read during fever. Did not trouble the mother. Mother had brought the child with a blanket wrapped around with a warm sweater inside. All this did not disturb or discomfort the child indicating he was 'chilly' at that stage. No thirst at all. One thing which was peculiar was that this mild, quiet child would 'hit' his father but very slowly. He was as though angry with the father but friendly to all in the clinic.

Activity Thermal Axis :-

General Activity

- DULL (Not sleepy)

- Chilly

- Thirstless
Activity Thermal Thirst
= D.C.T.L.

D.C.T.L.:- SEP, GELS, Ac-Ph, Ign, Staph, Nat Carb, Ipecac, China

Diligent- Conscientious - Ac-Ph, Ign, Staph, Nat Carb.

No craving for refreshing drinks - Ign, Staph, Nat Carb

No Misanthropy, not unfriendly, no effects of study - Ign, Staph

Ignatia and Staph coming up meant the child has had some mental cause for fever either the child was insulted or hurt. So a direct confirmatory question was asked - What had occurred before the fever? The answer confirmed the drug. The child had been scolded by the father for not keeping things in the proper place after which the child was not angry but hurt and he went into brooding without giving any expression after which he got fever.

18/2/98 - Ignatia 30 single dose was given

19/2/98- Fever increased to 103.5 degrees F at night of 18th
Cough increased at night of 18th
Fever came to normal on 19th morning. Appetite improved, Thirst increased. Child started

Playing around - Sac.lac.

27/2/98 - X-ray showed complete regression of lung pathology.

Here in this case things to note are:
Scolding was an action:

Staph. Reaction would have been -- giving vent to his anger in some way or the other e.g. kicking, throwing things; or showing anger on other people whom he knows will cause him no harm e.g. his mother …..

But Ignatia being a more cultured and intellectual constitution broods as a reaction -- feels bad, hurt and broods which staph does not.

So Ignatia was selected over staph.

These subtle difference in reaction give us the right similimum and the desired result!!

Case 2 :-

A girl aged 10 years with high fever since 5 days, coughing day and night and fever not responding to antibiotics and other allopathic line of treatment. She had come to me after a gap of 2 years. The mother said, "After you treated her last for recurrent cough and cold and asthmatic bronchitis, she was just fine. She could eat and drink cold things and any trash but she never really fell ill. Therefore, when the doctor could not cure her with antibiotics, I thought of coming to you especially since he said she has to be X-rayed".

I looked up her registered case and found she had responded excellently to a dose of Pulsatilla 200, 2 years

I looked at the girl who did not look sick, sitting calm and quietly on the chair. As I told her to lie on the examination bed, she got up promptly and followed the orders. The mother said, " Yes, she's not worried about her fever, cough; she is more worried about me. She says she wants to help me. Even for water which she is drinking a lot, she gets up on her own and drinks so that I don't get troubled. She feels cold and lies with a thick blanket".

I got her X-ray chest done and Blood C.B.C. done. X-ray showed left-sided pneumonia and W.B.C. count was 18000.
In the above case I perceived that she had first of all shifted from Pulsatilla which had cured her of the asthma. She was no more hot or anxious, weeping Pulsatilla type.

Fever had not changed her activity. She was neither dull nor anxious. She was chilly, thirsty. Above -all, she was a 'Good Girl'. Obedient and caring towards her mother.

So the good Girl type i.e. Silicea which has no change of activity, thirstless, chilly was prescribed in ONE DOSE.

Fever rose to 103 degrees F the same night.

Next day fever was gone. No cough or lethargy was observed.

X-ray chest showed clearing and complete regression of lumps on the 4th day.
W.B.C. count came down to 9000 on 5th day.

Case 3 :-

Fever in child 3 years of age.
The child wanted to be carried continuously. Wanted to go out of the house where he was comfortable. If kept down, would constantly hold mother's hand. If the mother went away he would cry and force her to come back. Thirst the child had was for cold water but he would sip and even force the mother to sip. If she would not, he would start crying. He did not bear any coverings on him. The case was studied thus.

General Activity
- Activity Increased
- Mental Anxiety.




- For cold water.
Actually thirstless (but sips often and wants
Mother also to sip.) He was drinking only to keep his mummy near and occupied. The child wanted her attention.

Wants to hold mother's hand = Wants consolation } PULS
Wants to be carried out

= Better in open air.

Hb 9.3 gm %
WBC Total count 28000
Neutrophils 76%

(allopathic doctor had frightened the parents that the child might go into Leukaemia).

13/12/95 -
Child was playful, fever gone. No medicine

15/12/95 -
Child was completely O.K., playful, eats well; no fever.
Blood report :- Hb. - 9.3
WBC - 19000
Neutro - 64%

25/12/95 - Child reported fine.
Blood report :- Hb. - 10.8 gm
WBC - 8,700
Neutro - 60%.

Case 4 :-

Girl aged 8 years complains of acute pain in right ear. Since the pain had started, she had become listless, was not moving about, was just lying down covering herself with a blanket. She was not interested in drinking, eating or even television programmes.

Activity Thermal Axis : = Dull, Chilly + Thirstless
D.C.T.L. = Sep, Ac/Phos, Ign, Staph, NC, Ipecac, China

Indifferent to everything + Indolent = Sepia
One dose of Sepia 200 cured her pain forever.

Case 5 :-
Case of Typhoid.

Girl aged 16 years suffering from Typhoid having serum Widal +ve. S. Typhi A titre of 350 units presented with a history of fever since 6 days not responding to antibiotics. She presented as a silent, quiet girl, more or less sullen looking answering my questions with a constant frown. The mother told me that since she's unwell, she's been sitting n her room and only wanting me to be in the room as company. She hates me or anybody questioning her about her illness. She would love to be under the fan constantly even when the fever was high. She loved only to drink cold water and was averse to eating food or reading books.

The patient was :-
+ Averse to Visitors
+ Irritated when obliged to answer.
+ Wants loneliness but wants one person in the room.

She was given Nat.Mur 200 single dose. Fever was gone the next day. Started going out on third day to her college. Widal titre high or not, the patient resumes normal activities within 24 to 48 hours of Homoeopathic dose - the Similimum!

(For other indications of Materia Medic refer page no 107)

Case 6 :-
Case of U.T.I. + Jaundice + Bronchitis

A Parsi child, age 2 years, was brought to me crying continuously with urine pus cell count of 40 - 60 h.p.f., serum bilirubin 1.7 mg and chest severely congested. The child was constantly crying and wanting to be carried. I saw the mother trying to distract the child by showing her electric switches. The child would keep quiet for some time seeing the switches and cry again. It was having intolerance to fan, drank no water and the face had a reddish discoloration around the mouth.
When I heard the child cry - it was a piteous and nagging one. The anxious, cranky chilly thirstless axis mad me ask her a confirmatory question of whether she bores into the nose." Yes, her hand has to be pulled away from her nose again and again", came the reply.
The drug given was CINA 200 - in one dose.
Next day: The mother reported that the child asked for food after 4 days; was less cranky and played for a little while alone.

But pus cells had risen to 80 - 90 h.p.f. and cough was more. But because pus cells are particular; and both were <.
Where as Generals of appetite was >, playing away from the mother was a General improvement. So, I waited with placebo.

Fourth Day : Fever had gone on the 2nd day,
Pus cells 0 - 5 h.p.f.,
Serum bilirubin came to 1.1mg.

The child was transformed into a playful, cheerful, independent, naughty child.

The chest X-ray came clear on the 6th day. Here Cina worked as an antibiotic, and anti-jaundice remedy and B'complex 'all-in-one' and all this in ONE DOSE.

Case 7 :-
Case of Acute Headache after Diarrhoea.

Lady aged 35 years, complaining of severe headache rang me up for help. "Headache is torturing me", she said. "Please cure me. But without asking me your whole set of questions. I can't come to your clinic because I can't sit there in chilled atmosphere for two - two hours. I know you will ask me my thirst. I feel like drinking lots of water." Most of the history which I required she had given me. I said, "Just one thing. Tell me whether you had a quarrel with someone just before this headache?". "No" was the answer." I will now tell you something. I'm SURE you've taken antibiotics for something
About 5 days back. "Yes, for diarrhoea" she said.
I knew Nux.Vom. was the remedy.
She was : 1. Mentally Anxious - chilly - thirsty and
2. Angry when obliged to answer.
She was either Bell, NV, Ars, China - from rubric No.1, or she requires Ars, NV, Ac-phos, Colo, Arn - angry when obliged to answer.

Chilly and large quantity of water means she was either Nux.V or Colo.

There was no ailment from anger, quarrel, vexation, etc. hence, Colo was ruled out. Only Nux.V was coming up.
Hence, my last question about antibiotics .

She was advised a dose of Nux.V. 200 after which she should expect transient loose, motions for a day as headache goes down.

She reported on the 3rd day saying, "I'm fine. All that you predicted came true.".

Case 8 :-
A child with Bronchitis.

A child of 2 years with Bronchitis starting after some work of repairs started at home. The child was cranky, wanted to be carried, wrapped up cozily in a blanket with the mother carrying a bottle of water which he would drink in-between crying spells.

Increased Activity - Mentally Anxious + Chilly + Thirst for little water often. -

Arsenic Alb 30 cured the child.
(The only other drug indicated - Anxious, Chilly, Thirsty - was Cina which was ruled out because there was no rubbing or boring of nose.)

Case 9:-

11 year old girl with Hyper Pyrexia : 105 degrees F.
She couldn't come to the clinic obviously because of excessive weakness with fever only of one day's duration. The mother said," She just covered up and was sleeping since afternoon. She didn't even get up to take tea or water. She's sweating like hell. Please come and see her." I said, "I can't come at least upto 11.30 p.m. I'll come and see her only after I have finished seeing all the patients but in the meanwhile, give this single dose to her and let me know within two hours from now.". It was 6.30 p.m. then. At 9.00 p.m., to my surprise, the 'girl' herself walked in saying, "Thank you, Uncle I'm fine. I just came to thank you and tell you don't take the trouble of coming for visit.".

Such results stun not only the patients, the allopathic world, but also the Homoeopaths themselves. The remedy was worked out on the following points :

Activity Decreased - sleep overpowering - chilly - thirstless and the triad of DROWSINESS + WEAKNESS + PERSPIRATION made me give her Ant.Tart 200 which made the MIRACLE.

Next day of hyperpyrexia, she resumed her school again.

Case 10 :-
A Homoeopath with hyperpyrexia

This is a case of hyperpyrexia about 105 degrees F of a homoeopath whose wife, also a homoeopath, rang me up saying, "My husband has got fever since two days partially responding to homoeopathic drugs. Very peculiarly, my husband goes into a peculiar delirious state as soon as the fever rise, he starts saying a sequence of words in Marathi, his mother tongue, which does not make sense at all but is quite rhyming. After this he wants all the family members to come and sit around him. He then starts giving lectures of advice to them. The lectures are on Hahnemann and Homoeopathy. He has 'BORED' us all since the last two days - especially at night he calls all of us. We all family members have not slept at all. But one thing is certain all family members have received full knowledge of Homoeopathy. Do something; We all are tired of his lectures on Homoeopathy. He is outright chilly and lively. Sir, I've tried Belladonna which relieved him slightly but now he is worse.".
Assessment : - (a) Makes verses
(b) Chilly
(c) Talks nothing but one subject
(d) Talks science of

A SINGLE DOSE OF CANN. I 200 first increased the fever slightly and then cured him with sense of well-being.


After having gone through this book many an eyebrow will be raised. The sceptics and critics will have a field day, for I have given them food for thought. The mixture prescribers and single remedy similimum prescribers both may disagree with the pattern forwarded by me of Activity-Thermal-Thirst-Mental Axis. But then I have found this axis covering the holistic concept.. The remedy thus evolved is a representative of one of each of the constituents that man is made up of. Man as we all know is a part of the Universe and is made up of five essential elements or the 'Panchatatva' which is accepted by Hindus, Chinese, Buddhists, Judaists and Mohammedans alike.

These five elements are: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether.

Ether represents the cosmic energy which is all-pervading and which controls the activities of this universe as well as the activities of man. The Activity-Thermal-Thirst Axis based similimum is a true representative of the holistic man since the Activity represents Ether, the Thermals i.e. the heat regulatory mechanism of the body represents Fire, and Thirst which controls the osmolality i.e. water content of the body represents Water.

This covers three of the five essential elements which each human being is made up of. To this we add either a symptom from air (mind) or earth (body). This covers the man as a whole. So, the drug prescribed has a representative from each of the elements and hence works holistically to give miraculous cures in incurable or advanced or serious cases with minimum effort. Above all, Hering's Law of Cure can also be observed in such cures. We will discuss more about it in my forthcoming book- The Theory of Chronic Diseases.
Homoeopathy is mathematicS

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