Friday, March 09, 2007

Relationship of Homeopathic Medicines

I have found in many clinical cases the trios mentioned by Dr Nash & Dr Kent are very useful , if they are given according to the sequence.
Dr Nash has termed as regional trios i.e. three medicines prominently used or useful in certain region of sickness , e.g. trios of digestion, of restlessness, of pain , of delirium etc.
While Dr Kent has mentioned 11 trios for group of three medicines in the sequence as they are useful.

Dr Nash & his trios

Dr J.T.Kent & his trios of sequence

They follow one another in the given order.

Aco, puls, sil
Coloc, caust, staph
Caust, colocy; staph
Merc ; hep ; sil
Puls ; sil ; kali s
Sulp ; calc ; lyco
Sulp ; saras ; sepia
Arn ; rhus tox ; calc
Aco ; hep ; spong
Sulph ; ars ; sulph
Puls ; sil ; acid flouric

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