Monday, August 27, 2007

Homeopathy Pro- a new homeopathy software


Homeopathy Pro is a professional computer program for those who practice classical homeopathy. It combines the advantages of time-proved case taking methods with advanced features of up-to-the-minute software. Take case notes in a friendly, convenient environment
enjoy most natural repertory search
get correct results from Repertories by recognized authors
read Мateria Medica to feel confident about your prescription. All this will help save your time and preserve quality of your work.

However I feel the limitations of this software as it's limited to kent & Bonneinghausen's repertory only. But for the newcomers in homeopathy it may be helpful.

My rating for this software is Zero

To download the free trial version , click HERE .

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deepanjali said...

जो हमे अच्छा लगे.
वो सबको पता चले.
ऎसा छोटासा प्रयास है.
हमारे इस प्रयास में.
आप भी शामिल हो जाइयॆ.
एक बार ब्लोग अड्डा में आके देखिये.