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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clinical Homeopathic Research in Tuberculosis/MDRTB

 This research work was undertaken by Dilli Homoeopathic Anusandhan Parishad as a plan scheme during the Ninth Five Year Plan. There are two homoeopathic medical colleges in Delhi with attached hospitals and 73 homoeopathic dispensaries. There are 131 homoeopathic doctors who are engaged in teaching and patient care. The objective of the Parishad is to utilize this manpower and infrastructure for undertaking research activities in homoeopathy.
Parishad is carrying out
research in Evaluation of Homoeopathic drugs in the treatment of MDRTB/TB and is co-coordinating research activities in Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital and Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre. Special clinics have been established for the research projects.

Last year , I noticed that the complete paper was present on the site but this time Dilli Homoeopathic Anusandhan Parishad has put the information in brief . But I had somehow managed to save the paper in my hard disc .

Click HERE to download the full research paper in PDF format.


Clinical Homeopathic Research in Tuberculosis/MDRTB

The research was being undertaken at the following three centres.

Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital – July 2000
Nehru Nagar TB Chest Clinic - February 2001
Gulabi Bagh Chest Clinic - January 2003

Staff engaged in the project

Project Guide
Dr. K. K. Goyal, MBBS
Dr. Kusum Chand, MBBS, MD, MF (Hom)

Dr. Sandhya Madan, Pathologist, NHMC & H
Dr. Indira De, Radiologist, NHMC & H

Core Group
Dr. Jugal Kishore, Chairman, SAC
Dr. J. N. Banvalikar, TB Programme Officer, MCD
Dr. V. K. Khanna, Principal, NHMC
Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Member Secretary

Research Staff
a) Dr. Surender Verma, Assistant Director (H)
b) Dr. Sudhir Batra, Medical Officer (H)
c)Senior Research Fellows (Homoeopathy)

Dr. Renu Mittal

Laboratory Support

Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

Haemogram and Blood Tests
Sputum for AFB
X- Ray
HIV testing and other biochemistry tests
New Delhi Tuberculosis Centre
Sputum Culture
Sputum for AFB
I. Nehru Nagar TB Center
The Nehru Nagar TB center was started in Feb.2001 to carry out clinical research on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. A total of 120 patients of CAT-II failure were treated and useful homeopathic drugs were identified for undertaking Double Blind Placebo Control trial according to the protocol.
II. Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital
During this year, out of the total of 66 patients, 24 cases followed-up regularly. [CAT-II failure 15, lymphadenitis 09]. Useful Homeopathic drugs were identified.
III. Gulabi Bagh TB Center
The Gulabi Bagh TB Center was started in Jan. 2003 to carry out Double blind Placebo Control Study on MDR TB cases along with standard Reserve Line ATT regimen as per the protocol. A total of 210 cases of MDR tuberculosis were studied and already identified useful homoeopathic drugs were used in parallel designed control trial. The reports were discussed in the Scientific Advisory Committee.

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