Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - Systematics & Homeopathy


This site is the unique site . Its database currently includes 
2387 single remedies in their natural systematic position
938 entries on remedy provings with their exact source and is constantly being extended.

The Substance Search enables you to find any homeopathically used or manufactured substance with its latin, english (or german) name or parts of that name.

The Taxonomy Search finds the families, orders, classes etc that the remedies belong to. You can be shown which substances of that family are homeopathically used and you see easily for which ones you can find a proving.

If you enter the site via the kingdoms  you find introductions and many taxonomic diagrams, from where you can click through the systematic structure.

With the Extended Search you can choose remedy provings after different criteria (author, language, time, substance, family) and be shown the exact source. Most of the provings are directly linked, so that you can read the original proving text with just one more click.

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