Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hospital turns to homeopathy over H1N1

Source : Express News Service

BANGALORE: The Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Chest Diseases (RGICD) on Tuesday started using homeopathy for treating people with the H1N1 virus.

The move comes in the backdrop of 21 more people in the state testing positive for swine flu, with 15 of them from Bangalore and three each from Belgaum and Davangere.

Of the 21 cases, 11 were of category A, six of category B and four of category C.

The first day of the new initiative saw more than 300 people with mild symptoms of the disease being screened at the homeopathy counter at RGICD by six doctors of the Government Homeopathy Medical College (GHMC).

“Homeopathic medicine has a history spanning more than 300 years. Based on the core principle that similar cures similar, very dilute solutions are administered to cure the diseases and H1N1 patients are getting relief from our medicines. “The diluted globules help them improve their immunity,” Dr Dassappa of GHMC told Express.

“The integration of allopathy and homeopathy will not only cure the patient but also help strengthen the immunity level to fight the virus,” Dr Sahshidhar Buggi, medical superintendent, RGCID said.

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Prachi said...

There is no doubt that homeopathy is a great alternative to conventional medicines. However, remember consumption of homeopathic medicines without consultation of a qualified homeopath can cause more harm in the long term than the short term curative effects of the medicines.
I have been consistently advising my patients to avoid so called "Cure All" drugs for Swine Flu. These are nothing but quick fixes to make quick bucks by cashing-in on public insecurity by unscrupulous business houses or neighbourhood "self-qualified homeopaths".
These medicines are a combination of two or more homeopathic drugs that act on flu each applicable for a specific type of sets of symptoms. If you take these medicines, it will suppress the symptoms of Swine Flu for the time being but the disease remains in the body and then will flare up at a later stage in a more virulent form.
So Please be Aware.
You may contact me through my website
if you have any specific query. I will be happy to help.