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Using the chart of acutes how to get best results
Activity-Thermal-Thirst Axis
Conscientious - Diligent
Diligent and Non-Diligent remedies

Using the 'CHART OF ACUTES' how to get best results.

For years, young Homoeopaths have found it difficult to put to practice the law of similars. Their dilemma begins right from the basis of prescriptions where there is no uniformity as every homoeopath interprets the law according to his own understanding. Some prescribe a similimum based only on mind, some only on p.q.r.s, some only on disease picture, and some only on organ involved. None of them represent man as a whole.

Remember as Homoeopaths we treat the 'Man in disease and not the disease in man'. As a homoeopath I am concerned with knowing what type of a man or what constitution I am dealing with. For that I would like to know how this particular constitution (patient) has behaved when attacked by bacteria or viruses. For example when you hit your fist on a wooden panel, glass panel, thermocol, coir, a cotton mattress, the reaction obtained by your 'hit' in terms of noise or behaviour of the panel concerned will make you aware of what material you are dealing with, even when blind folded. Similarly the reaction shown by a patient to the disease or infection will tell a physician what constitution he is dealing with. What changes occur or do not occur in the organism (constitution) shall in the first place be reflected by the activities of that affected constitution.



ACT is a primary reflection of life or living being. Life means change. Anything in this world which does not change at all is death. Hence act or actions represent life. The speed and type of actions are specific for specific constitutions.

A Calcarea Carb, Baryta Carb, Helleborus, Gelsemium, Silicea etc. have slow ACTIVITIES (speed).

On the other hand drugs like Tarentula, Mercurius, Belladonna, Nux Vomica will have fast speed.

An Agaricus, Stramonium etc. will have jerky or gyratory actions respectively.

Such different actions and speeds are projected by different constitutions in original healthy forms, which albeit all Homoeopaths need to know and observe to become successful Homoeopaths. They also ought to observe the change if any in these 'Activities' when the respective constitution is affected. The new picture thus formed is known as an ACUTE PICTURE which is no doubt in relation to the original constitutional picture.

Thus if Opium - 'genetic constitution' suffers from fever or dysentery i.e. if affected by stronger dynamic influences it will bring about temporary change in the basic constitutional picture in terms of activity, thermals, thirst and will be giving rise invariably to a picture either of Aconite, or Ant-tart or Belladonna or Bryonia or Hyos or Nux Vomica or Nux Moschata, which are in relation to OPIUM. This may occur if and only if, Opium picture changes, which is not a must.

This change in activity, thermals, thirst and physical or mental symptoms which are thrown out by the constitution are basically compensatory in nature and is a natural effort by the organism to provide immunity and restore the sick to health. Hence more often than not the health is restored without the aid of any medicine, Homoeopathic or allopathic. If such recovery does not take place then and only it calls for an intervention.

In Homoeopathy our basic LAW OF PRESCRIPTION stands firm i.e. Similia Similibus Curantur. Hence the remedy required (if at all) shall be in keeping with our basic law a 'similimum' to the acute totality which of course should be based on activity, thermals, generals like, thirst and food and mental changed state or attitude and not only on physical symptoms.

The remedies chosen on these lines are so effective that they 'make' us obey all the cardinal principals i.e. not more than ONE remedy, ONE dose, is required to take care of a typhoid or a malaria or a lung abscess or a U. T. I. Not only the principles are abided by but also the pleasant sight of Hering's Law coming true each and every time is a bonanza received by the prescriber.

Above all the speed of recovery or cure is like the effect of a magical wand. Lung consolidation disappears within three days, pus cell count of 100 - 200/hpf in urine disappears within three days. The fevers come down be it typhoid or malaria, within 24hrs with general sense of well being and no subsequent weakness ensues. The patient gets his appetite back within 24hrs and resumes work the next day.

To bring about such results one has to prescribe as previously mentioned on activity, thermals, thirst and mentals which have changed. This is called as ACTIVITY-THERMAL-THIRST and Mental Axis

It being difficult to analyse for some especially new Homoeopaths I have simplified the analysis in the form of a FLOW-CHART.

The flow chart starts with ACTIVITY. This is further divided into

Every section is further divided into thermals
HOT or
CHILLY group of drugs.

Further differentiation is done on the basis of THIRSTY or THIRSTLESS to narrow down the number of drugs indicated.

The 'zeroing' down on the similimum is provided by short 3 line description of every remedy in the chart as REMEDY POINTERS. These remedy pointers form a 'TRIAD' of important symptoms, which are the base of the remedy. They have to be present in every case besides the thermo-general axis. These are given in the form of a TRIANGLE. A few more confirmatory points are also provided to ensure the remedy. Some of these have been evolved from practical experience. 3-line materia-medica pictures of 60 drugs have been provided in the materia-medica section of this book.

The generals provided in this book under the heading of the drug are during heat, fever, pain etc and may not be the same in chronic picture of the drug e. g Cina, Carbo-Veg, Kali-Carb, Lach, Bry are generally thirsty but during fevers become thirstless. Pulsatilla, Apis which are basically thirstless may become thirsty. Some drugs like Sulphur, Opium, Ant-Tart, Arsenic may be both thirsty or thirstless. There are many drugs which may appear in more than one place in the chart indicating that they should not be neglected even in other conditions.

Thus by selecting a
Dull+Chilly+Thirstless (DCTL) or
Dull+Hot+Thirstless (DHTL) or
Dull+Chilly+Thirsty (DCT) or
Dull+Hot+Thirsty (DHT) or
Active+Hot+Thirsty (AHT)
Active+Hot+Thirstless (AHTL)
and adding to them the mental state and REMEDY POINTERS the SIMILIMUM is ready.


Dictionary meaning of Conscientious:- Scrupulous, showing care and precision.

Dictionary meaning of Diligent:- Hardworking, showing care and steady effort. The rubric or quality which I consider as Diligent is sometimes mentioned as Conscientious. This is an important quality of nature which can be used virtually as an eliminatory rubric to zero down the simillimum.

Obviously the question can be raised why is this so important? How can Diligent or Not Diligent 'point' make so much of a difference in deciding the simillimum? The answer is simple for people who understand the genetic make-up of a human being.

A human being or any organism as we all know, owes its existence, structure, tolerance, susceptibilities, nature, emotions, immunity, idiosyncrasy etc. etc. to the genetic code present in each an every cell-nucleus. How are all these genetic qualities expressed? Every character on the gene is expressed by synthesizing corresponding protein which is directly or indirectly responsible for the exhibition of that particular character. Every protein responsible for green color of iris or say a fair skin or curly hair, or angry nature or a reserved nature etc. is synthesized as per the inherited code. Hence we owe our entire existence, appearance, attitudes, sufferings etc. to the products (proteins) manufactured in this factory 'the cell'. The nucleus is the manufacturing machinery or plant. The Genes are the workers along with the D.N.A., R.N.A. The success or the failure of this factory rests entirely upon how diligently the workers work for the production. Their work is to synthesize the protein with care and effort (if the organism has to live). Never mind if one of the character on the genetic code leads to disobedience or avarice or even debauchery. So diligence does not mean exactly conscientious or anxiety of conscience or industrious etc., it only implies that there is an INNATE quality in the cell to do that thing which it is supposed to do when created. Every creation is created to progress and evolve. Evolution of man in the universe is synonymous to progress of life and every organism in the universe. Man and every living cell has to work for a living sincerely, and engulf as much knowledge as it can to deal with, to face life with success and finally evolve to a higher state, thus fulfilling the sole object of existence.

Thus DILIGENT stands for sincere, hard working, steady working, knowledge accumulating person.

How then to determine the diligence of a patient?

In infants - A child or an infant interested in going after a book or a magazine or paper and pen, trying to write with a pen or pencil in a paper is taken as CONSCIENTIOUS-DILIGENT.

In children -- A young boy or a teenager is considered DILIGENT if and only if, he or she has NEVER to be forced or even asked to study. He/she performs her duty and studies on his own. He/she never takes a leave or bunks her school. Wanting to go to school, despite high fever is also diligently-conscientious. Here we have to rule out diligence in a child who insists on going to school for fear of being punished or because of other vested interests.

In adults -- A middle aged man who has never taken a leave from his office or service in last 20 years; or a man who insists on going to office, not from avarice of getting money nor from fear of boss, is a diligent person.

In Working ladies - A lady who works for the family, cooking and doing daily chores despite having pains or suffering from fever can be safely taken as 'Diligent' provided she's not doing it because she says "who else will do it?" or "I'll get scolding from my in-laws or husband."

DILIGENCE of a cell shall make an organ or system function Diligently and subsequently the disease suffered by diligent patients shall be different from non-diligent patients. Thus these two Diligent and Non-diligent rubrics (formed by me) divide the constitutions in 2 major groups and are major eliminating factors in my practise.

The above rubrics of diligent and non-diligent should be used with caution it deserves.


Be a minimum prescriber
Be a Single remedy prescriber
Be a Single dose prescriber
Know the Remedy Relationship
Look out if the moon is a 'round'
Expect fever, diarrhoeas or aggravation
Know Homoeopathic parameters
Do's and don'ts for the patients
Advice to doctors


1) BE A MINIMUM PRESCRIBER: As every acute disease initiates a reaction in the body called 'immune-response', most of the infections or the acute illnesses are self-limiting. If and only if the organism or the body fails to recover within stipulated time, the physician is justified in interfering with a homoeopathic remedy assisting the body to recover.

Cure or recovery should be brought about by reaction of the organism (the patient's body) to our remedy rather than action of our remedy. Bringing down fevers with Ferrum-Phos, Belladonna, Aconite, Azadirachta, Eucalyptus, Methylene Blue etc. is wrong and may lead to suppressions. (Refer- Scientific explanation)

2. BE A SINGLE REMEDY PRESCRIBER: There cannot be TWO similimums of the given state holistically at one time in one organism. Any multi-remedy theory is a blatant violation of our Homoeopathic Cardinal Principles.

3) BE A SINGLE DOSE PRESCRIBER : If generals, mentals, and thermals of the drug coincide with the patient's changed state, all that is required is ONE DOSE to take care of any acute or serious illness.

Remember: If ONE DOSE does not initiate a curative process, your remedy is wrong. Throw away that remedy. Do not try to repeat and get results. Homoeopathy is such a gentle- touch art, that not more than one stimulus is required to produce recovery or cure!

4) HUNT FOR ACTIVITY-THERMAL-THIRST AXIS: Find out the activity of the affected patient. Find the right thermals of hot or chilly as shown later in this chapter.

Find out the mental changes. Find out the desires and aversions and the 'RIGHT SIMILIMUM' is ready to be prescribed.

5) KNOW REMEDY-RELATIONSHIPS ACUTE SIMILIMUM indicated, is most of the times related to the genetic constitutional similimum.

6) LOOK OUT IF THE MOON IS A 'ROUND': The constitutions which are very sensitive find themselves easily affected by Full Moon or New Moon. They fall ill, get fevers, pain in the joints, neuralgias, malaise, urticaria etc.

These problems generally arise two days before New Moon or Full Moon. Just wait and watch. Do not prescribe to these patients on these days. Predict to these patients that your cough or your pains will disappear in the morning at 10 a. m on a Full Moon day or New Moon day. Just sit back in comfort and win laurels or a title of ASTROLOGER-DOCTOR and enjoy! In this way, you increase your reputation as a 'knowledgeable' physician!

7) EXPECT fevers, diarrhoeas or aggravations on the first day and amelioration on the second day. Fever on the first day is a good sign. Loose motions on the first day is a good sign. AGGRAVATION of already existing fever or cough is a good sign. Remember feeling better on the first day but worse on the next day is a sign of wrong medicine unless there is a moon phase around in which case wait! But, all these should be accompanied by the betterment of generals or what I call as 'Homoeopathic Parameters'.

Homoeopathic parameters are exactly opposite of allopathic parameters. Since we treat the MAN in disease the parameters of improvement are the generals e.g..
a) Desire to work.
b) Stamina to work.
c) Desire to eat and drink.
d) Sleep.
e) Excretions i.e.: stool, urine and perspiration.

Know these parameters well and look out for their improvement in a patient rather than looking out for improvement in temperature, cough, headache, throat pain, nose-block etc. Slightest improvement in desire to work, stamina, appetite can be the most dependable signs of patient proceeding towards cure or recovery than even pathological reports of Hb increasing or W. B. C count coming to normal or Serum Bilirubin coming down in jaundice or X-rays showing improvement!




a) Allow your patient to eat or drink anything including things which aggravate him e.g. cold drinks, ice-creams, sour, fruits like bananas etc. We are trying to immunize the patient against the allergic factors. What better test can one conduct?
b) Allow your patient wholesome food, as a normal diet helps to increase the energy within him to fight the illness and recover without weakness.
c) Allow your patient to work or do his normal duties, if he has interest and desire to do so.


a) Do not allow anything which is in anyway an anaesthesia to tissues or cells. Menthol or mint containing things like polo, colos, icy cool, vicks tablets may anaesthetise the laryngeal cells which may benumb their fighting properties i.e. stop the natural cough-reflex or sneezing reflex thus work against the homoeopathic action of increasing the immunity to cure. Spiritous drinks may also hamper cure in the same way.

b) Local application, not only of menthol, xylocaine etc, but also any medicated ointment including homoeopathic Calendula, Arnica, Graphites ointment should not be applied on the skin. These and other skin ointments may alter the Electro potential-Gradient at the cellular and tissue level of the skin, thereby obstructing our third excretory system i.e. skin (first two being stool and urine) from excreting toxins on to the skin. These local applications also including eyedrops, eardrops, chemical tattoos, hair conditioners, mehendi, anti - dandruff shampoos, medicated soaps etc. should not be allowed for best results. [only exception may be menthol in the toothpaste since every person is habituated to these toothpastes for years together and the homeostasis establishes itself since childhood with these pastes].


Have patience- don't repeat.

Homoeopathic medicine does not fail to work within 24 hrs giving either aggravation or amelioration when indicated. Let the body cure. Don't force a cure, just stimulate the body to cure. Herring's law is a compulsory knowledge which every Homoeopath has to have.

During the course of recovery, expect symptoms in lesser important spheres and do not interfere. Cure is in progress. Just watch it. e.g.

1) If cough disappears, expect sneezing and coryza or itching in the eyes - don't treat.

2) When sneezing or coryza disappear, expect itching or small eruptions on the skin which proceed from above downwards; from trunk and chest to upper and lower extremities.

3) When pain in the neck of cervical spondylitis disappears, expect pain in the lumbo-sacral region and then down to the knees - legs - ankle - foot and then toes. This may be followed by coryza or diarrhoea i.e. the toxins have come down from the mesoderm to the endoderm. Further, the same patient has to develop mild skin eruptions when the toxins come down to the ecto-dermal level.


Any skin eruptions should be mild and non-septic. A gross long standing septic or a destructive skin lesion is not what you should expect in exteriorization of the disease. It is not CURE.

Expect diseases to come down from syphilitic to sycotic to psoric types e.g. in skin lesions deep cracks and destructive ulcers should disappear first followed by disappearance of corns, callosities or warts followed lastly by acne and boils. (For further details refer Chart of 7 layers of Suppression).

A good knowledge of Chart of 7 layers of Suppression is essential to understand 'Cure' taking place in the body in embryological order of descendance.

Finally, if no result is obtained, take the generals again and reconsider the case. Perhaps, some 'causative factors like grief, shock, mortification, suppressed anger may lead you to a different group of drugs.

The drugs in the chart have been compiled from my experience of the last 25 years. They may yield a result of 70-80%.

There may be drugs indicated out of the chart. A short chapter on 'HINTS' attached in this book may help one to bridge the shortcomings in the flow chart.

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