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Vakil's Aid to Confirm The Similimum (VACS)

VACS is a program which is developed by Prof. Dr.Prakash D. Vakil to create A Practical and Scientific Homoeopathic Method (device) to simplify Homoeopathic prescribing and to confirm a remedy selected by a prescriber.
VACS is a breakthrough in solving the complicated and complex cases which to-day's Homoeopath meets in his/her day-to-day practice.

What is VACS?

Clinical research and clinical observations are important in Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic repertories and Homoeopathic materia medicas have many clinical symptoms. Besides toxicology and proving they form the third source of Homoeopathic materia medica. Constantine Hering, one of the pioneers in Homoeopathy felt that simply proving a remedy was not sufficient. There should be clinical confirmation of the symptoms obtained from proving.

Dr.Vakil has made many clinical observations in connection with tongue examination and findings , desires aversions, aggravations and amelioration as regards colors and different phases of moon affecting human life in general. He has written and published a book titled 'Tongue that does not lie'. It is a compilation of tongue findings from many sources with his own observations added to that. In this book he shows that the tongue findings are 'physical general symptoms' and not 'particular symptoms' as some may think. He has given various examples to prove his point. In an International congress on Homoeopathy an eminent Homoeopath said, 'I find it difficult to differentiate Nux-v. from Nat-m. in some cases.' Dr.Vakil said, 'For me it is very easy. I look at the tongue of the patient and then the case does not look as difficult as it seemed to be.' The color observations and the moon-phase observations have also been made after years of clinical research. Color - desires, aversions, aggravations and ameliorations may be considered as 'mental general symptoms'. Human body is more than 60% water. Just the way there is high tide and low tide in an ocean, the water in the human body is also influenced. Thus symptoms produced by the influence of moon are also considered as 'physical general symptoms'. Observations in connection with this have been made by a stalwart like Boger and also an important personality in the recent past like Dr.P.Smith of Switzerland. Papers in connection with all the three have been presented in International Homoeopathic Congresses where they were open to criticism. They have stood the test of time. As they are 'general symptoms', they form what may be called in Kent's language 'a three legged stool' for a sound and reliable prescribing. When there are other symptoms to select a remedy, they help in guiding and confirming like a blind man's dog. The 'VACS expert system' is mainly based on these TCM (tongue, color and moon) symptoms. He has also made his cough-cassette available which is a recording of different sounds of cough of actual patients recorded for a period of 10 years.
These sounds would be useful to Homoeopaths treating respiratory conditions with cough.
This system essentially envisages good observation on the part of the Homoeopath treating a patient. If he/she does'nt do it he/she is missing something. Hahnemann says that a homoeopath should be a good observer. Writing down history of the patient does not complete the task of the Homoepathic physician. Thus this system will be useful to only those who do that.

TCM is just the beginning. Many more physical findings and clinical observations will be added to guide a homoeopath in choosing a remedy.

So what does the VACS do?

1. After normal repertorization a remedy can be confirmed by taking TCM symptoms from VACS.
2. With RADAR-Synthesis the TCM symptoms may be taken to repertorize to find a remedy.
3. VACS can give TCM symptoms for specific remedies and can give comparative extraction of TCM symptoms of two or three remedies.
4. After TCM symptom repertorization with VACS one can go to RADAR-synthesis and check the remedy symptoms.
5. he actual sounds of cough in VACS help a practitioner in comparing and confirming a remedy.

How does it work?


i) Examination of tongue and study of the repertory of the tongue
ii) The prescriber must ask the patient the color of clothes he would prefer to put on and a strong dislike of some certain colored clothes which he/she would never put on. Aggravation and amelioration from wearing some certain colored clothes may be inquired. These desires, aversions, aggravation and amelioration are regardless of the fashion of the day and etiquette.
iii) Observation by the practitioner as well as the patient about the aggravation in his/her condition in relation to the phase of the moon. If the date of aggravation is noted down the phase of the moon can be checked from the lunar-calendar supplied by RADAR.

The computer would ask the practitioner: “Which remedy do you want to confirm?”

After the name of the remedy is given by the practitioner VACS will allow the practitioner to extract the 'tongue findings' of the remedy.

Similarly the color-symptoms as well as symptoms in connection with moon-phase would be also extracted.. If it is a respiratory case with cough as one of the symptoms, it would be possible to play the cough-sounds.

1- If all the TCM-findings of the remedy match "Remedy fully confirmed"
2- If tongue findings match but color and moon phase do not match "Remedy very likely"
3- If tongue-findings + either color or moon findings "Remedy most likely"
? If moon-phase and color findings match and tongue findings do not match "Remedy most likely"

If TCM-findings do not confirm:

Please check your history again. It could be a small remedy for which TCM- findings are not recorded. Please also look for different layers and treat the last layer. Tongue often points out the last layer so take the tongue-findings to clear the last layer.

If inspite of TCM findings matching the remedy does not work:

Look for obstacles to recovery like smoking, drugs, any other maintaining cause etc. The last layer requires to be treated first. The globules given to the patient are not medicated properly. Ask yourself, "Have I forgotten something?"

If remedy works but TCM findings do not match:

Addition to be made after consulting with Dr Vakil in TCM findings. This is a remote possibility.

Source: version 9, ARCHIBEL S.A., Belgium.

To know more about VACS, Click HERE to download the demo ver of RADAR 9.2

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