Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Homeopathy is in deep trouble

Sue Young is a London based homeopath. She is experiencing the same pain as we feel about the pathetic condition of homeopathy . Recently One of the UK's five homeopathic hospitals, The Royal London, is under threat of closure because of funding cuts. NHS is now going to launch new sets of laws to curb homeopathy. Even the famous news paper "Daily mail " has now launched the campaign against homeopathy. In a recently published article "Homeopathy is worse than witchcraft?" Professor Michael Baum, professor emeritus of surgery at University College London spoke venomously against homeopathy. Please do visit this site and add your comments.
Each & every blogger needs the inspiration & Sue is undoubtedly among one of us. Her blog "Spring Offensive against homeopathy " is in the third stage . Pl visit & add your comments on all of the three blog posts . To read these posts click here, here & here.

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